Care. Patience. Waiting. Winemaking eludes the hectic rhythms of the modern world, taking us back to an authentic time marked by nature, because it is in slowness that wine can express itself to the full. The Casabella winery respects the nature of wine: the grapes are harvested by hand and then pressed using a technique that crushes only the grape, to preserve the highest quality and flavour of the wine. Vinification and ageing take place in oak barrels or stainless steel vats, slowly, to allow time for the fruits to trigger all their natural processes and become a fine wine. The result is a fragrant nectar that releases all the nuances of the grape. Inspired by the characteristics of a territory that offers countless opportunities for its fruits, the Casabella winery creates different ranges of wines, each designed to satisfy an increasingly demanding audience.

Mont’Arquato: prestigious signature wines for demanding customers. The Mont’Arquato range is the flagship of the Cantine Casabella production. It is not by chance that its name and image is represented by the nobility and pride of a land whose origins lie in the distant Middle Ages. The image chosen to represent the range is the beautiful armour which belonged to Duke Alessandro Farnese, whose dynasty transformed Piacenza and its territories into a renowned European court.  By careful selecting the grapes from the best vineyards, fine wines are born, and are exalted to their highest potential according to the typicality of each grape variety. Mont’Arquato is an excellent choice, for important moments. A perfect combination of strong and intense flavours that can enhance any dish. Viticoltori Arquatesi is the range that speaks of the rich tradition of Piacenza wine making. It is the wine range that Cantine Casabella has dedicated to the ancient winemaking traditions of Val d’Arda.

Centuries of history of a land tied to the vineyards and their fruits, these wine trails have been known and loved since the days of the ancient Romans. Harvested from the vineyards perched on the slopes of the rolling hills of Val d’Arda, the grapes are the basis of the DOC wines, recipes with different souls and personalities, processed according to the traditional wine growing values of Piacenza. A wide variety of labels speaks of the philosophy and vision of the Casabella winery: simplicity, authenticity and quality. The Viticoltori Arquatesi range includes wines that meet the needs of customers who like to mix and match different tastes and occasions.

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